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Finnish Death Metal Maniacs 3ck

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crying fetus

Группа: Господа
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Finnish Death Metal Maniacs!!! (contact: deathmetalmaniac@outlook.com) Finnish Death Metal Maniacs IS BACK! Next and Last Fest: 2nd-3rd of JULY 2021.

The dead are ever restless and hungry, and so July 2021 shall bear witness to another weekend of madness and mayhem under the pus-stained banner of Finnish Death Metal Maniacs... Brace yourself for an aural epitome of darkness that will remain haunting your morbid mind long after.

In line with the FDMM tradition of bringing back obscurities from the olden days of Finnish death metal, we present you God Forsaken! First emerging in 1990 under the fittingly traditional name of Putrid, their ’92 debut EP "God Forsaken" would lend the band its more well-known and long-running moniker, and signal a turn towards a doomier and more ambitious direction. The debut album of God Forsaken, "Dismal Gleams of Desolation", materialized soon after, presenting a meandering and melancholic sound, not unlike what their contemporary greats of British death/doom were doing at the time. Occasional similarities to God Forsaken’s groovier and further backward-looking countrymen such as Xysma were already detectable as well, and these rocking elements got further amplified as the 90s went on, with God Forsaken eventually fading away and the members continuing their musical journeys in other groups. However, their hunger for sonic decay never died – as demonstrated by the members’ more recent involvement in the militant Deathmarched – and 2021 will mark God Forsaken's return to the dismal realms of death metal!

PURTENANCE - 30 years
In 2021, thirty years will have passed since Purtenance Avulsion mutated into Purtenance, and to celebrate this, these venerable veterans of the Nokia death metal scene will crush Vantaa with a special anniversary performance, heavily leaning towards their classic debut “Member of Immortal Damnation”. However, with their recently released fourth full-length “Buried Incarnation” proving that the renewed line-up of Purtenance still has the putrid touch, we can expect that fresher flesh will not be neglected in the set either.

Having crawled out of the coffin in the Arctic Circle back in 1992, Lord of Pagathorn have remained a well-kept secret of Finnish black metal, unlike their Rovaniemi contemporaries Beherit and Black Crucifixion. This can be attributed to the long period of silence after Lord of Pagathorn’s revered ’94 debut demo “The Chaos Spirit Among Us”, as well as the lack of gigs after the band’s re-emergence in 2010. Having already conjured up two impressive full-lengths during their second coming, Lord of Pagathorn have now finally started bringing their subtly melodic yet viciously cutting Nordic black metal onto the stages as well, and FDMM 2021 will be the first opportunity to witness it in the capital area!

With their roots stretching as far back as 1987, Necropsy must be the oldest of the currently active Finnish death metal bands. Despite releasing several demos and a split LP with Demigod in the early 90s, Necropsy’s debut full-length “Bloodwork” didn’t appear until 2011, with a nearly 15-year period of dormancy in between. However, the band has remained productive ever since, pushing into an even more brutal direction in the new millennium. Their latest output, the “Exitus” MCD from early 2020, is a down-tempo bulldozer that sees the band at their heaviest, showing that even after more than thirty years, Necropsy keep finding new angles to their art of butchery.

In the past decade, Axeslaughter have left a steady stream of slime behind them in the form of demos, rehearsals, live recordings, seven-inches and splits, making them possibly the most prolific Finnish death metal outfit of today, and a prime example of the DIY spirit of the underground. The trio's punky sleaze might be most at home in a sweat-and-booze-drenched live situation, though, and FDMM will offer another face-breaking reminder of this.

No Finnish Death Metal Maniacs without Galvanizer! Playing only their second show ever at the virginal edition of FDMM, and flooring the audience already then with sheer intensity and authenticity, this young trio has gone on to do great things since, as some might have foreseen. Their debut album “Sanguine Vigil” has taken Galvanizer to decimate stages far and wide, and in July 2021, Vantaa will get a taste of their grinding death metal at its tightest!

Asphodelus can be considered another FDMM mainstay, having already played the first fest under their former moniker Cemetery Fog (AND the 2nd edition as Asphodelus). Obviously influenced by the melodic death/doom acts of early-to-mid 90s Sweden and UK, Asphodelus execute the style with class and a mystical touch of their own, bringing something fresh and different into the current Finnish death metal milieu. After a handful of shorter releases, the band’s debut full-length “Stygian Dreams” came out in 2019, giving the impression of a seasoned and ambitious crew sailing through familiar waters towards unknown horizons. And while Asphodelus’ kind of introverted expression can be often best experienced in solitude, they’ve proven to pack their performances with a genuine emotional charge that is simultaneously heart-wrenching and cathartic.

Being one of the most hideous deformities of the Finnish black/death metal underground, Satanic Torment will play their only gig of the year at FDMM (to celebrate their 15th Anniversary). Their primitive and bass-heavy hammering draws from the same suffocatingly dark depths as Beherit and VON, dragging your soul down there in sadistic ecstasy. The title of Satanic Torment’s ‘17 debut album really says it all: Submit to the Lord of Darkness!
For Fuck's sake, reserve this date to your calenders:
2nd-3rd of July, 2021!

источник - оригинальный фейспукъ

Отредактировал crying fetus , дата: 18-е Июля 2020-го, 08:05

Death-metal это не триггерно-задротский техникал-брутал, записанный дома на компьютер, а примитивный в своей сырости и могильный в своей простоте, дьявольский по энергетике и ломающий шейные позвонки живой гимн смерти!
senior pathologist

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crying fetus, ты поедешь лицезреть эту пропуканную поеботу?
crying fetus

Группа: Господа
Сообщений: 787
Подписчик с Апреля 2006-го
Дата: 20-е Июля 2020-го, 14:45 | Пост №3 | ссылка Цитировать
GALVANIZER мне понраву. :pray: а что до остальных, то есть и куда хуже, посмотрим. а что не пропуканная поебота?

Death-metal это не триггерно-задротский техникал-брутал, записанный дома на компьютер, а примитивный в своей сырости и могильный в своей простоте, дьявольский по энергетике и ломающий шейные позвонки живой гимн смерти!
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